Wooden Looking Luxury Vinyl Flooring Luxury Vinyl Plank Lvt Lvp PVC Self Adhesive Floor

Wooden Looking Luxury Vinyl Flooring Luxury Vinyl Plank Lvt Lvp PVC Self Adhesive Floor

LVT Self-adhesive vinyl planks are coated with a layer of pressure sensitive glue. This means that you can simply pull off the paper separator and the planks are ready to be installed.
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Our high standards in production processes ensure that our LVT Dry Back Floor Tiles, WPC Floor With 1.5mm IXPE Underlay, Oak Pattern Vinyl Plank meets the industry's high standards in terms of appearance and quality of component production. With the development of the market, we will work harder to provide reliable and stable products and a full range of professional services to global customers. Our products are regularly supplied to many Groups and lots of Factories.

LVT self-adhesive floor is considered as the least expensive type of flooring for home. Today, many homeowners prefer it to be used in their home. The self-adhesive technology allows the user to easily install it. People can quickly peel and stick it. This kind of floor we suggest to use in home, and hotels.

For flipping homes or renting room, LVT self-adhesive planks is the most suitable vinyl floor. Before installing self-adhesive floor, customers should make sure the ground base is much clear and flat. It has rough requirement on the ground. If any stones or sand exist, the installation effect will be influenced.

The warranty is limited. Usually use 3-5 years for the glue.



PVC plastic flooring is a very popular in the world of a new type of light body decoration materials, also known as "light body material" to PVC and its co-polymer resin as a secondary raw material, out of filler, plasticizer, Stabilizers, colorants and other accessories. It has the advantages of wear-resistance, slide-prevention, noise- reduction, moisture proof, anti static, antibacterial and wide selection of colors. It can be applied to dance studio, schools, kindergartens, offices, shopping centers and so on. 

Self-adhesive vinyl planks Features:
1. Excellent value for cost
2. Environmental friendly
3. Easy installation, maintenance and clean
4. Excellent electrostatic properties
5. High level of fire and sound proofing
6. Additional functions such as heating and ventilation

7. We also provide OEM /ODM products.


The Wooden Looking Luxury Vinyl Flooring Luxury Vinyl Plank Lvt Lvp PVC Self Adhesive Floor of our company have always been famous all around the world for their variety, new styles, high quality and good credit. Therefore, we will adopt different cooperation methods and identify different cooperation fields in accordance with different situations. We have a large number of new talents who are full of challenging high-tech concepts and innovative and dedicated spirits.
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