SPC Flooring Daily Maintenance

- Sep 07, 2018-

Regular vacuuming and regular cleaning of the floor keep the floor beautiful and durable. More attention needs to be paid to areas that pass frequently. When cleaning, use a special SPC flooring cleaner product, as well as a cotton mop.

You can also clean the floor with warm water mixed with a small amount of soap.

Do not use cleaning products that contain surfactants or will remain. Using these products will leave a dull film on the floor and may invalidate the product warranty.

Before using any cleaning product, it is first tested in a small, hidden area. Use small interior decorative carpets at all entrances and non-rubber door mats outside the door. This removes dirt and clutter from the shoes. Clean carpets and door mats regularly.

Don't put it on the floor for a long time.

Cleaning products do not use ammonia containing products, wax-based polishing/cleaning agents, strong acids or strongly alkaline cleaners, chlorine based products, bleach, solvents and so on.

Using these products may permanently damage your floor and may invalidate the warranty.

Do not scroll or slide furniture or appliances on the floor. May damage the paint surface of the floor. Lift carefully and safely and move the object to the appropriate position. To reduce possible wear and damage, furniture leg pads are recommended under the furniture legs.

Clean the protective gear regularly to remove the sand grains that may have been embedded.

Avoid pets scratching the floor, which can cause depressions on the floor.