Several Problems Needing Attention In The Communication Between WPC And Customers

- Feb 27, 2018-

(1) because the LVT layer of WPC is generally only 1.5mm thick, plate pattern as far as possible to choose a relatively flat, do not do hand grip and classic slate (slate grain), pressure sticker defective rate will be very high.

(2) 6.0MM wood-plastic layer than 5M wood plastic layer cost is 1.8 dollars a square meter

WPC+2.0mm EVA Form: Price +usd1.00sqm

WPC+1.5mm Cork: Price +usd1.50sqm

(3) The LVT layer and the WPC layer of WPC are glued by glue, the peeling strength is still very good, even better than the LVT color film layer and scrub piece through the hot pressing bonding strength is good

(4) The size of the WPC, some may refer to the need for 143mm width, the previous product is also this width, but after testing and production experience, 143mm loss will be larger, so the unified change to 146mm, less wear means low cost. 

(5). In the preparation of WPC samples, especially the need for the whole film, please be sure to assemble their own under whether there is a problem, the early some samples do is defective, do sample can, but the whole piece may be assembled up there are high and low, oblique head seam and other problems, so please be sure to confirm and then send. Otherwise it would be even worse to send the effect.