Problems In The Application Of Wood-plastic Flooring

- Mar 26, 2018-

1, if the production process does not pass will cause rapid fading phenomenon: For the existence of quality defects of plastic wood, after a period of trial, although there is no obvious damage, but fading seriously become its biggest drawback. Originally construction materials are similar to mahogany color wood plastic materials, only a few two months of time, may become light pink, but also continue to metamorphosis. In this way, it is very likely that it will eventually turn into a plain color or other color, and a beautiful landscape is gradually evolving into an embarrassing engineering problem.

It's not worth it.

2, easy to damage the phenomenon: Some plastic wood products, due to in public places, can sometimes be artificially damaged phenomenon.

This is not a material quality problem, is a human thought problem, if the attention and seriousness is completely avoidable, can be said to be entirely human factors.

3, the phenomenon of poor accessories: Wooden Plastic Guardrail column bottom cover, mostly purchased by manufacturers, the product quality is poor, poor appearance, not strong, easy to break, high cost, difficult to replace, it is not suitable to cooperate with the base cover. It is suggested to use wood-plastic plate processing splicing instead. In addition, the upper and lower horizontal and oblique gears of the guardrail in the stitching connection tenon should not be too small, otherwise very shaky, easy to be destroyed by man. There is also the column base of the steel lining part to be as elevated as possible to increase the firmness of the column.