Places Suitable For SPC Flooring

- Oct 30, 2018-

1. Swimming pool, SPC anti-skid to reach the European standard R9.

The heat transfer coefficient is low, so the anti-skid performance is excellent, compared with ordinary tiles and stone, SPC floor in the case of sticky water feeling more astringent, the more wet the less easy to slip, so very suitable for use in the swimming pool

2. Olympic interior Stickers, SPC waterproof capacity than traditional wood flooring and laminate flooring, more beautiful than tiles, the touch is also more warm, so that Chinese and foreign athletes have a more comfortable space. 

3. Household, any qualified SPC flooring need to go through the IS09000 International Quality System certification and ISO14001 International Green certification.

Home flooring, the first concern is environmental protection, the second convenience and anti-skid, SPC flooring in the bathroom paste can effectively reduce the risk of slipping.

4. Geriatric hospital activity area, SPC floor has a certain antibacterial properties, so the sterilization and disinfection requirements of the environment, such as hospital operating room, are more suitable for paving SPC flooring.

5. Office area, SPC Flooring has ordinary ground materials can not be compared with the sound absorption effect, its sound absorption performance of up to 15-18 decibels, so it is more commonly used in the need for quiet environment such as offices, school libraries, reporting halls, theatres and so on. 

6. In the retail sector, SPC flooring is durable, if you want the floor to maintain continuous light, you can hit wax once a year, the number of maintenance is much lower than other floors, and such flooring colors are diverse such as carpet lines, stone lines, wood flooring, and so on, can even achieve personalized customization.

The tattoo is lifelike and beautiful, with a variety of accessories and decorative strips, can be combined with a beautiful decorative effect, suitable for all kinds of public places.

7. Schools, schools in the selection of flooring is the most considered safety, anti-skid, fire, waterproof, elastic and so on, so SPC is also more commonly used in large, middle and primary schools.