Nomenclature Of Wood-plastic Composites

- Jun 04, 2018-

The different names of "wood plastic" or "plastic wood" cause too much trouble for the production and use of people, especially for those who come into contact with the product for the first time.

I think it is more appropriate to name "plastic wood" uniformly.

There are four reasons:

The first is that the material is mainly used as an alternative to wood, which is a "wood" synthesized from plastic and wood fibers;

The second is that the content of wood fiber in plastic wood products produced in China is mostly greater than 50%, mainly wood;

The third is to express in the definition of American standards the meaning of wood fiber as the base material, "Wood" is the main body; The other is the alias of this material at home and abroad, such as "Plastic Wood", "Green Wood", Japan's "Ain Wood" and so on, are the emphasis on "wood", so called it "plastic wood" more reasonable.