Introduction To Solid Wood Flooring

- Jul 02, 2018-

Raw materials: wood, glue and other adhesive sealing agent, the surface has paint, wax and other protective layer, so contains formaldehyde and other toxic gases, as well as the excellent SPC lock floor green environmental protection and health.

Price: expensive, generally in 200 yuan/square meters-500 yuan/square meters, some expensive or even thousands of yuan a square meter.

Environmental protection: The destruction of forests is relatively large, not conducive to ecological environmental protection. Waterproof: Afraid of water is easy to tide, easy to deform.

The floor changes with the temperature and produces a large change in size.

Installation: Solid wood floor stability is poor, installation must play keel, the cost is very high.

Thermal conductivity: After the use of warm water, moisture will be heated into water vapor rise, by the floor absorption, the floor moisture deformation will crack. Diaphragm: diaphragm effect is general.