The Widespread Application Of Vinyl Floor In Medical Industry

- Jun 10, 2019-

As the modernization of medical industry is accelerating, the medical environment is getting more and more attention from the society. With its superior quality and unique characteristics, vinyl floor has become the appointed flooring for many medical establishments and institutes, helping create a green, healthy and safe environment for patients.


Its visual healing effect

When it comes to hospital, most people will instantly have a feeling of terror and try to get away from it as far as possible. To create a relaxing and comfortable medical environment will help remove patients’ fear to hospital and develop their optimistic attitude, which will in turn contribute to faster restoration of their health and energy. Vinyl floor comes with countless designs and true-to-life textures. Along with the arrangement of different colors, the various design can alleviate people’s resistance to hospital and therefore, function as a uplifting tool in a way.


Resilient and anti-slip characteristics

There are all kind of patients in the hospital, and the majority of them may have problem walking around like normal people, so they can fall over at any time. When choosing the right floor to install, hospitals are supposed to take safety protection into priority consideration. Vinyl floor surface is processed specially to increase its abrasiveness. Even when people falls on it, the multi-layer structure and the underlay can absorb the shock and guarantee the victim’s safety at the maximum extent.


Endurable and easy maintenance

The requirement for floor durability in public places like hospital and are very high. For one thing, the traffic in hospital is very large and thus floor would bear more frequent friction than in home. For another, the constant movement of ward trolley will also cause great damage to floor. Therefore, only floor with excellent wear resistance can meet the requirement. Some Vinyl floors are embedded with the fibreglass reinforcement layer to make its structure stay stable. The upper transparent wear layer are made by sophisticated technology and make the floor size unchanged for a long time. The quality wear layer can rid people of the annoying daily maintaining work. For public places, this means a cut of labor payment.


Beautiful and sound absorption

Besides the positive attitude towards illness, the patient also need a quiet and comfortable recovery environment.In the coming-and-going hospital, it’s of ultimate importance to keep the sound volume down and the surroundings cozy for patients’ health. Vinyl floors have incomparable advantage over regular flooring in sound absorption, which can mitigate the sound by 20 decibel. In creating a quiet environment in hospital, Vinyl Floor is undoubtedly a perfect choice. This mainly attributes to the multi-layer structure of Vinyl floor.


Hygienic and anti-bacteria

Though hospital is equipped with full set of bacteria-killing measures, we must admit it’s also a place that filled with all kinds of virus and bacteria. For people like senior citizens, children and pregnant women, this is not very good place for them. During the production of Vinyl Floor, it withstood great heat and pressure, which gave it ability to keep bacteria and moth at bay. The specially processed vinyl floor can protect patient from the infection of fungus and moths because they can’t breed underneath the floor.


Security and static electricity protection

The appearance of static electricity is a very common phenomenon in daily life. But for places like hospital, static electricity will disturb the functioning of sophisticate medical instrument. If a bad-lucky patient is on surgery, the consequence can be severe. The vinyl floor is made from polyvinyl vinyl chloride particles, which can form a static electricity transmission network between them. Therefore, it can help avoid the emergence of static electricity and secure the process of medical activities.