Advantages Of WPC

- Feb 20, 2018-

The price of the WPC engineered Vinyl flooring--wpc is gold-grade,WPC Price 5.5mm basically and vinyl 5.0mm lock and glue free products are the same price level line, but higher than the magic buckle, and far higher than the washing glue and ordinary PVC flooring (brush type);

The installation cost of WPC is much lower than the ordinary brushed PVC flooring, lower than the ordinary PVC locking floor, and glue-free PVC flooring, magic buckle and washing glue PVC floor Installation Cost difference is not significant;

WPC Waterproof is quite good, wood plastic this layer of waterproof is also very stable, on the contrary, magic buckle, washing glue, ordinary brush type PVC flooring Because of the glue, waterproof effect appears to be general;

Installation convenience, WPC because it is Angle-tap's installation method, relatively also said is relatively convenient, suitable for DIY, of course, need to brush the price of dry back at this point is the worst.

WPC Flooring in the mute and foot sense is certainly good, especially with Cork or Eva pad of the WPC floor;

WPC is also good at environmental protection, including formaldehyde release, heavy metals, especially reach testing, 144 all passed. WPC Flooring After use is a weak side, because WPC (woodplastic) can not recycle reuse, other products of PVC flooring, recycling can be used as a return to continue to use