A Comparative Introduction Of Wood-plastic Flooring And Stone-plastic Flooring

- Feb 04, 2018-

The LVT layer and the WPC layer of the WPC are glued by glue, and the peeling strength is still very good, even better than the LVT of the color film layer and the scrub piece after the hot pressing.

The stability of the WPC is better than that of PVC: 

WPC floor at 80 degrees plus or minus 2 degrees of high temperature 6 hours, taken out at 23 plus or minus 2 degrees of normal temperature, 50% humidity under 24 childhood observation.

Draw the following conclusions:

The shrinkage of length is 0.11%

Width shrinkage is 0.07%

Warp: 0.25mm

lvt:0.08-0.15% Warp: 0.5-1.2mm