Khaki Color Wood Look Vinyl Flooring(B)

Khaki Color is very close to the real pattern of the wood,it can give people a feeling of nature.
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Vinyl flooring is made of 100% virgin PVC. It is passed from Flammability Test, Smoke Emission Testing and has CE, SGS, ISO9001, CO, FORM E and FORM A certificates. Formaldehyde Free and Immune to insects & termites.

The Knowledge About SPC floor

Nowadays, SPC floor is widely accepted by all around the world. But at the same time, many people do not understand what is SPC floor. Here we want to let you know: what is SPC floor? Why you need to choose SPC floor?

I、What is SPC floor?

SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) floor is a new environmental-protection floor which is based on high technology. It is also a kind of PVC floor. The main component of SPC floor is lime stone (calcium carbonate)+ PVC Powder + Stabilizer. There is no use of glue when producing SPC floor. The wear-layer, color film and basement are pressed together when construction.

XINFULAI SPC floor is made of 100% virgin materials, without any harmful material like heavy mental, phthalate and formaldehyde etc. The following pic may help you to learn the construction of SPC floor clearly: 

II、Why more and more people choose SPC floor?

People choose SPC floor, not only for it is cost-effective, but also has many advantages which other kind of floors do not have.

* Water-proof and Damp-proof

SPC floor well fixes the trouble that wood floor will be rot and out of shape when installed in humid areas. SPC floor can be installed in any area, especially suitable for kitchen or bathroom.

* Insect and Termite Prevention

All insects even termite will not interested in SPC floor as it is so solid. This effectively prolongs the lifespan of SPC floor.

* Multi-colors and patterns

XINFULAI SPC floor has many colors and patterns for clients to choose from. We have wood grain patterns, stone grain series, and carpet grain series.


Clients can freely DIY the design when they install SPC floor to show their personal style.

* Environmental-friendly and Reusable

SPC floor has no formaldehyde, which is harmful to health. It can be reused, this reduces the waste of woods.

* Super Fire-retardant

* Easy Installation

SPC floor is convenient for installation which will save the time and cost.

* Avoid from cracks, expanding and out of shape

SPC floor does not need to maintain and easy for cleaning.

* Sound-absorbing and Space-saving

From the above information, we believe that most people will understand what is SPC floor. But if you still have any problem, or want to learn, please contact us. We will reply you at the first time.

Welcome to send us your inquiry. 


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