Modern Grey Cement Color Vinyl Flooring

Modern Grey Cement Color Vinyl Flooring

Grey cement color is very suitable for modern life of the customers.

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The advantages and disadvantages of the underlayment--Cork:


1: It can make you feel better underfoot. Its resilient feature makes it less likely to cause injury when falling over.

2: In areas where the day and night temperature vary a lot, it’s suggested to install floor with cork underlay to avoid great temperature fluctuation. Even if the house is equipped with HVAC system, the cork can also help lower the electricity bill.

3: It has the capacity to absorb extra noise. In place like hotels or hospital privacy and tranquility are required, the cork underlay is always the first choice.

4: The cork is a renewable and green resource, so there is no need to worry about its negative impact on environment. Meanwhile, it’s degradable after disposal.



1: If the floor is not very thick itself, like 3mm, dents could happen, especially in the room with many heavy furniture or appliance. Though the cork will recover itself shortly after the heavy loads are removed, it’s still suggested to put some plastic pad under the furniture legs. The same goes with high heels.

       2: Though most floor comes with water-proof feature, but the none of them can be used as water barrier. If the cork is not fully cured in production, bacteria may remain inside the cork. With some unintended spill into the grout line, it may give birth to molds and emit bad smell without notice.  


      In conclusion, cork is always an excellent option for floor underlay for its comfort, durability and high-end enjoyment. However, it also comes with high price. The IXPE or EVA pad are popular replacement nowadays.

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