Modern Deep Gradient Vinyl Flooring

Modern Deep Gradient Vinyl Flooring

The gradient effect of this color makes it special and can create a feeling of quietness,itis very suitable for bedroom.
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Regular size:

We have two different demension series for you to choose,and the plank series are more widely used in wood grain colors and the tile series are more suitable stone grain colors:

Dimension of our floor for Inch and mm (Width*Length):

Plank Series

4 inch×36 inch (101.6×914.4mm) 

6 inch×36 inch (152.4×914.4mm) 

5 inch×48 inch (127×1219.2mm) 

6 inch×48 inch (152.4×1219.2mm) 

7 inch×48 inch (177.8×1219.2mm) 

9 inch×48 inch (228.6×1219.2mm) 

7 inch×60 inch (177.8×1524mm)

9 inch×60 inch (228.6×1524mm)

7 inch×72 inch (177.8*1828.8mm)

9 inch×72 inch (228.6*1828.8mm)


Tile Series

12 inch ×12 inch (304.8×304.8mm) 

18 inch ×18 inch (457.2×457.2mm)

12 inch ×24 inch (304.8×609.6mm) 

12 inch ×36 inch (304.8×914.4mm)

24 inch ×24 inch (609.6×609.6mm)

The use and regular thickness of the wearlayer:

Wearlayer is a wear-resistance layer on top of floor surface which is mainly composed of evenly pressed dichlorine trioxide. The resolution of wear layer is decided by the content of  dichlorine trioxide and the thickness of the layer.   Generally speaking, the resolution data would be 4000 if the  dichlorine trioxide content is 30 grams per sqare meter, 5000 for 38 grams per square meter, 9000 for 44 grams per sqare meter. In conclusion, the more dichlorine trioxide content and layer thickness, the better floor abrasion resistance performance will be. However, wear layer also have signficant influence on the color the floor.

  • Methods to identify the quality of vinyl floor wear-layer:

(1)You have to check the test report of the floor,there will be clearer specification of the formaldehyde content and wear-resisting revolution of the vinyl flooring. National standard sets: the wear-resisting revolution of household flooring is more than or be equal to 4500 turn.

(2) you can use the key to blow in the surface of the floor randomly, the floor with inferior or without wear-resisting layer will be easy to scratch, the vinyl floor with good wear layer will have no trace at all.

(3) cigarette butts can be put on the floor for about 10 minutes, the wearlayer of poor quality will have hot marks on it, of high quality will completely have no trace after been wiped with wet cloth.

(4) you can directly use sandpaper to polish the vinyl floor surface for 20-30 times, if the decorative paper is worn, it indicates that the wear-resistant layer is easy to be damaged, not wear-resistant

Normally, qualified wear-resisting layer can hold more than 50 times burnish ,and the surface layer of the vinyl floor will not be damaged, and will not even hurt the decorative paper, in addition,the surface layer of the floor should be clear, with no white spot.

wear-layer thickness:0.07mm


wear-layer thickness:0.1mm


wear-layer thickness:0.15mm


wear-layer thickness:0.2mm


wear-layer thickness:0.3mm


wear-layer thickness:0.5mm


wear-layer thickness:0.7mm


Normally we suggest 0.3mm or 0.5mm for both business or residential use.

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