Grey Wood Look Vinyl Floor For Bedrooms

This grey wood look vinyl floor is popular among customers eapecially for European and American customers and it also has gradient effect.
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The Advantages of SPC Flooring and Its Development of the Future Market

There appears an endless stream of new materials and energy, but SPC flooring is the only ground decoration material which can be recycled and reused. This will be of great importance for protecting our natural resource and ecological environment. SPC flooring is a kind of new eco-friendly floor based on high technology which is Zero-formaldehyde, mold-resistance, damp-proof, fire-retardant, convenient installation and so on. With its remarkable stability and durability, SPC flooring is widely popular in the west developed countries and Asia-Pacific markets. More and more places have chose to use SPC flooring including offices, hotels, commercial and residential areas.

SPC flooring is a kind of PVC flooring, and when we mentioned PVC flooring, the first mind is plastic which is bad for our health. Actually, they are totally different things. When producing SPC flooring, there is no glue, formaldehyde, benzene and radiation. It belongs to environmental-friendly decoration material which is not harmful to health. SPC flooring is a kind of economical ground material. Not only clients can enjoy the texture of wood and stone, but also will not troubled by noise. According to peoples’ requirements to sound-proof, they can choose from tiles, planks and coiled materials.  

At present, Chinese flooring industry is growing with a fast speed. With the development of urbanization, a new generation of consumers appear. Young and energetic consumers will prefer eco-friendly, artistic and economical designs. So, SPC flooring is being more popular than wood flooring and stone flooring with its excellent performance.  

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