Grey Wood Effect Vinyl Flooring For Sitting Room

Grey Wood Effect Vinyl Flooring For Sitting Room

This grey wood look floor is very commonly used and can create a harmony atmosphere in your home.
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The raw material of our floor is made of polymer resin, stone crystal calcium silicate powder and other mixed materials. The floor made of this material combines the advantages of wooden floor, laminate floor and plastic floor. The appearance looks like wooden floor, but it can play a waterproof role, and its unique structure gives it many advantages.


1.UV layer: strengthen the surface to be scratch-resistant, wear-resistant and anti-fouling;

2. Wear resistant layer: ensure and enhance wear resistance, and increase service life;

3. Color Film Decor Layer: various floor grains and patterns, to meet the needs of different home decoration styles;

4.PVC layer: strengthen the moisture-proof and waterproof function of the floor;

5.Rigid SPC Core layer: mainly supports the structure to stabilize the physical property, and determines the floor shrinkage, hardness and strength.

6.LVT layer: strengthen the moisture-proof and waterproof function of the floor;

7.Underlay: mute, reduce noise and create a quiet home environment.

2, this floor production and installation do not use glue, so it surely produce 0 formaldehyde !

The SPC floor of Floorpartner is composed of high molecular resin, stone crystal calcium silicate powder, which is pressed at high temperature.


Our products are of 100% virgin materials

The virgin materials VS recycled materials

How to distinguish the material that vinyl floor uses is virgin materials or recycled materials,nowadays because some merchants have no quality awareness, they seek after high profits and use a lot of recycled materials to make floors instead of the new materials, that will cause the quality of floor to be inferior, with a lot of damage, and can’t be used for a long time. the quality of the recycled material is impure, not stable, and contain other ingredients.The difference between new materials and recycled materials is that the products made by recycled materials are unstable, and the products made by each batch of materials cannot be guaranteed to be the same. The finished products made of new materials generally have bright colors, high brightness and good luster, while the surface luster of old materials is poor. 

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