Modern Industrial Style Dark Vinyl Floor

Modern Industrial Style Dark Vinyl Floor

Modern Industrial Style is well received among the customers recently.
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Product Details

Detailed Drawing:


The production process:

PVC Raw Materials  

Mixing Furnace  

Automatic Material Supply Lines  

LVT Cut for Each Layer    

Hot Press Process 

UV Coating and Tempering     

Punch in Constant Temperature Workshop   

Click System Workshop 

WPC Semi Finished Workshop   

WPC Rolling Machine  

WPC Click Floor Workshop  

Quality Test Lab  

Package in Warehouse  

Loading and Shipment  


The installation steps:

Step1 Clean the ground 

Step2 Install the Corner  

Step3 Install the Long side   

Step4 Keep 5mm from the wall  

Step 5 Cut the floor by knife    

Step 6 Break the floor after cut by knife   

Step 7 Keep the distance and right size    

Step 8 Install the short side  

Step9 First short side and then long side 

Step10 Install the short side    

Step11 And then install the long side  

Step12 Install the long side  

Step13 Cut the right size from the wall  

Step14 Break the right size   

Step15 Take off the small piece  

Step16 Install the right size floor 

Step17 First Short and then long side 

Step18 All like so one by one  

Step19 Cut again  

Step20 Clean up the room 

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