Top five advantages of lock flooring

- Jan 06, 2019-

Compared with ordinary flat-mouth reinforced wood flooring, the locking floor has the following five advantages:

The locking floor has more stringent requirements for substrates ——— the locking force of the locking floor mainly depends on the mouth and the tongue tenon.

Connection, due to the role of the inverted tenon, in general, the locking floor can withstand 450 kg to 1 tons of tension,

Therefore, the physical properties such as the density, expansion and relative humidity of the locking floor substrate should be stable.

Lock floor Paving is easier, more tightly seam, the overall paving effect is good ——— the lock floor in the production of

Advanced Laser Inspection Quality inspection system, that is, automatic laser correction, to avoid the wave height difference, so that the enterprise The mouth and tongue tenon are finer and more flat.

Lock flooring with industrial standards instead of manual paving standards, reducing manual paving Installation of the error, when paving the floor and floor gently tap can be into the slot.

Lock floor due to the role of locking force, with temperature

The change of degree extends to the whole surrounding, avoids the local uplift, solves the internal deformation problem, and the overall paving effect

Good results.

Lock floor can be free of glue paving ——— ordinary flat-mouth reinforced wood flooring in the paving with the need for adhesive connection, but

Adhesives contain formaldehyde and other chemical components, with more easy to cause indoor pollution, with less and fear that the connection is not strong.

Lock floor due to the role of locking force, even if the glue free paving, the seam is also very close, will not be due to the change of temperature out

Now uplift or cracking and other problems.

Lock flooring suitable for public places and sports venues paving ——— in general, reinforced wood flooring is not suitable

The ground paving of public places and stadiums, because people's activities or sports are easy to cause floor cracking, and

The locking floor has super locking force, which is suitable for the ground paving of public places and stadiums.

Lock flooring can be reused ——— due to the ease of adhesive paving of the locking floor, disassembly is easy and repeatable

Use, especially suitable for exhibitions and stores and other temporary places to shop.