The purchase knowledge of the lock floor

- Jan 23, 2019-

The laminated flooring sold on the market can be divided into single lock, triple latch and quadruple locking floor according to the lock buckle. The most characteristic of the locking floor is to prevent the floor seam from cracking. The floor latch is firm, stable and durable, mainly in the chamfering area and angle of locking, as well as the processing accuracy, substrate toughness and other factors. Single lock as long as the structure is reasonable, it is enough to prevent the cracking of floor seams.

The area and angle of multiple locks in the chamfer may not reach the desired target, and such a result may be counterproductive. The clasp floor, which is developed according to geometry and mechanics, is improved on the basis of the existing composite floor multi-lock form, and the floor is tightly fastened, fastened and not easy to buckle. Lock floor for production equipment, processing technology, substrate performance and other aspects of the high requirements, the general small factory is not produced.

SPC Floor with 1.5mm Foam Underlay