Precautions related to stone-plastic flooring

- Dec 27, 2018-

Han Yai Industrial related line to remind stone plastic flooring (PVC flooring) purchase should pay attention to a few points: 

1, stone plastic flooring has a composite and homogenous floor, composite stone-plastic floor surface has a wear-resistant layer, homogenous body is the same floor up and down; because you choose in school, floor cleaning is impossible to hospitals and shopping malls as professional personnel, so be sure to choose to use composite stone-plastic flooring for good, homogenous wear resistance is not good,

Not suitable for school use. 

2, because the school students are active, benches mobile frequently, multi-floor impact is also large, so the requirements of the floor wear resistance is high, wear resistance is good, easy to clean and maintain, no smell of the floor, color to enrich the stone-plastic floor can be.

It is suggested that stone-plastic flooring size in 450*450mm or 600*600mm around the floor for good, wear-resistant layer thickness of more than 0.4mm is preferred, floor thickness 2.0-3.5mm is appropriate.

3, stone plastic flooring is the use of PVC (PVC resin) stone powder, additives, such as after high temperature calendering, surface plus wear-resistant layer production, it is impossible to contain formaldehyde and other harmful substances, is 100% formaldehyde free environmental protection flooring. 

4, South Korea LG Company production of LG Baoxin, is specifically for the school production of special flooring, named "Education Treasure"-the meaning of treasure, its thickness of 3.2mm, wear-resistant layer for 0.45mm, color, pattern is designed for Chinese schools with Chinese characteristics of the floor. Floor without waxing maintenance, wear-resistant, anti-fouling, environmental protection, sound insulation, noise reduction, impact resistance is the best floor in schools, office space.