Home paving of stone-plastic flooring

- Dec 02, 2018-

has been concerned about whether stone-plastic flooring is suitable for home paving discussion, here we analyze in detail why stone-plastic flooring in the domestic home furnishings market is not as good as the tooling market: 

(1) Stone plastic Flooring This name is easy to arouse people's misunderstanding, mentioned PVC we think more is plastic, many people will also confuse stone plastic flooring and PVC pipe, plastic contains toxic substances, harmful to the human body. But stone-plastic flooring and plastic is not a thing at all, PVC can also be called polyvinyl chloride, stone plastic flooring 100% does not contain formaldehyde, benzene such as toxic substances, but also no radiation, belongs to the green decoration materials, will not cause harm to the human body.

Some people worry about the use of glue used for construction will contain formaldehyde, should admit that many bad merchants to reduce costs, the use of glue quality is not good, how many will contain toxic substances, well-known brands of manufacturers used in the use of glue are special glue, is a green environmental protection glue, do not have to worry about its release of formaldehyde and other harmful substances. 

(2) due to the unique advantages of stone-plastic flooring and huge prospects for development, many domestic enterprises have also begun to dabble in the stone-plastic flooring industry, after the introduction of equipment, technology and then absorb digestion R & amp; d innovation, at present, some enterprises in the stone plastic flooring has made great strides, can produce high-quality stone-plastic flooring On the market sales of stone-plastic flooring, especially some building materials around the city gathered a lot of small manufacturers, they compete mainly for the low-end market, in order to cater to consumers to press the price is very low, the quality of nature is not guaranteed. As a result, the quality of inferior stone plastic flooring flooded the market phenomenon, the common people naturally on the stone plastic flooring will be misunderstood.

In order to protect the interests of consumers, it is recommended that we still choose well-known brands of products, China has a saying called "cheap no good goods, good goods are not cheap", or very reasonable. 

(3) Stone plastic flooring in the domestic mainly used in engineering projects, many manufacturers only focus on large projects, home installation is not enough attention, which is also the stone-plastic flooring industry needs to improve.

Manufacturers in the promotion of home installation because of a variety of reasons encountered resistance, will not go under the strength of the promotion, nature will not be able to promote the popularity of stone-plastic flooring in China. 

(4) The concept of the Chinese people is still relatively conservative, many products are popular abroad for a long time before they will be accepted and recognized by the Chinese people. There will be a process of acceptance and recognition of the development of any new thing. In addition to the Chinese people's excessive pursuit of natural nature, the pursuit of high-end times, mistakenly believe that only wooden flooring is green to the human body harmless, mistakenly believe that only the laying of marble flooring is high-grade, the Chinese people's decoration concept is really to be changed, I believe that in the Chinese people can correctly understand the advantages of stone-plastic flooring, will

The trend of stone-plastic flooring as an alternative to wood flooring and marble flooring is unstoppable. 

(5) In the renovation process a lot of decoration companies have also talked about a problem, said stone plastic flooring construction technology do not understand, professional construction personnel lack, it should be said that this is also a reason to popularize the impact of it. In fact, the construction of stone-plastic flooring is not as difficult as people think, sheet construction is relatively easy, technical personnel through simple training or can quickly master the construction technology. Here to remind you, in the choice of stone plastic flooring manufacturers do not only pay attention to the quality of the floor, the quality of construction is as important, because if the construction can not guarantee the quality of the same will affect the life of the floor.

It is recommended that we choose brand-name products, first-class quality, after-sales service is also guaranteed.