Comparison of stone-plastic flooring with rubber flooring

- Aug 09, 2018-

Stone-plastic flooring and rubber flooring belong to the same elastic flooring, but there are differences: Ingredients and production processes are different: rubber flooring is divided into homogeneous and heterogeneous. Homogeneous rubber flooring refers to the floor based on natural rubber or synthetic rubber, color, composition of the same single-layer or multi-layered structure vulcanization; heterogeneous rubber flooring refers to the floor based on natural rubber or synthetic rubber, the structure includes a wear-resistant layer and other in the composition and/or design of different compaction layer composition,

The compaction layer package contains a skeleton layer.

Color is different: rubber floor coloring is more difficult, because rubber has a strong color absorption, so most of the rubber floor color is relatively single, and stone plastic flooring is very many colors, can be any combination, to give designers more choices. The ease of installation is different: the stone plastic floor texture is lighter, the installation is convenient and quick, the rubber floor is heavy, the installation is more laborious.

And the installation method of rubber flooring requirements are more stringent, if the method is not right will appear bubbles, the requirements of self-leveling foundation is more perfect, otherwise it will exaggerate the defects of the grassroots. There are differences in market demand and wear resistance: rubber flooring because of the high price, only in some high-end places to use, the scope is relatively small, and stone plastic flooring because of its ultra-high cost performance is therefore widely used, the market potential is huge. In addition, rubber flooring is more wear-resistant, in the airport, stations and other places with a large flow of people, as well as aircraft, trains, subways, automobiles, ships and other means of transport is very suitable.